Level: 4-6

Number of Players: 4-5

Setting: The adventure takes place in a region near the mountain range known as the Ashen Peaks. The nearby towns and villages have been plagued by a series of devastating attacks.

Introduction: The players start in the town of Emberfall, which has so far been spared from the fiery destruction that has befallen the surrounding settlements. They have been hired by the local lord, Lord Thorne, to investigate the rumors of red dragons and put an end to the threat.

Part 1: Gathering Information

1.1 The players can speak with the local townspeople, who will share their own tales of dragon sightings and rumors of a great treasure hoard hidden in the mountains.

1.2 Players may also consult with the local mage, Elira Whisperwind, who has been researching the dragon attacks. Elira can provide a rough map of the mountain range and a possible location of the dragon’s lair.

1.3 The local innkeeper, Marlon Stoutfoot, tells the players of a group of dragon cultists who have been spotted in the area. He believes that they may have some connection to the dragon attacks.

Part 2: Tracking the Cultists

2.1 The players can follow the trail of the cultists through the nearby forest. They will encounter a group of cultists and have the option to either engage them in combat or attempt to follow them to their hidden camp.

2.2 At the cultist camp, the players can learn more about the cult’s motives and their connection to the dragon. The cultists worship a powerful red dragon named Fyrathrax and believe that he is destined to cleanse the land of the unworthy.

2.3 The players can obtain a more accurate map to Fyrathrax’s lair from the cultists, either through combat or negotiation.

Part 3: Confronting Fyrathrax

3.1 As the players approach the mountain lair, they will face various environmental hazards, such as magma-filled caverns and unstable rock formations. They will also encounter several lesser red dragons and other fire-based creatures guarding the lair.

3.2 When the players finally confront Fyrathrax, they will find him to be an ancient and powerful red dragon. He reveals that he has been using the cultists to bring him treasure and grow his hoard, and that the cultists are the ones responsible for burning the towns to create fear and chaos.

3.3 The players must choose whether to fight Fyrathrax, negotiate a deal to stop the attacks, or attempt to turn the dragon against the cultists. The outcome of this encounter will determine the fate of the region and the conclusion of the adventure.


Depending on the players’ actions, the adventure may end with the defeat of Fyrathrax, the disbanding of the cult, or a tentative alliance between the dragon and the players to restore peace to the region. The players will be celebrated as heroes for their actions and will earn the gratitude of Lord Thorne and the people of Emberfall.

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