Contents of the book “History of Powerful Items”

Black Dragon Scale Mail Armor made of the Black Dragon Scales. Sometimes Dragons collect their cast-off scales and gift them to humanoids. Other times, hunters carefully skin and preserve the hide of a dead dragon. A high-quality set is found in the hoard of Voaraghamanthar in the Mere of Dead Men. Power: Acid Location:┬áMere of… Read More »

5e Spell names in Latin

Chill Touch - tactu gelida (Tac-Tu-Ga-Lita) Fire Bolt - sagitta ignis (Sag-eat-to Ig-nis) Light - illuminatum (Illum-in-ah-tum) Shocking Grasp - fulgur manus (full-ga main-us) Charm Person - meus es tu (miss-es-too) Chromatic Orb - Vivamus sphaera (Viv-aim-us fair-ah) Find Familiar - amicus quaerere (Ah-my-cus Qwa-ear) Identify - identitatem (I-dent-ta-da-dim) Mage Armor - praesidio vi (pra-city-o-vi)… Read More »