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  • Contents of the book “History of Powerful Items”

    Black Dragon Scale Mail Armor made of the Black Dragon Scales. Sometimes Dragons collect their cast-off scales and gift them to humanoids. Other times, hunters carefully skin and preserve the hide of a dead dragon. A high-quality set is found in the hoard of Voaraghamanthar in the Mere of Dead Men. Power: Acid Location:┬áMere of […]?

  • 5e Spell names in Latin

    Chill Touch – tactu gelida (Tac-Tu-Ga-Lita) Fire Bolt – sagitta ignis (Sag-eat-to Ig-nis) Light – illuminatum (Illum-in-ah-tum) Shocking Grasp – fulgur manus (full-ga main-us) Charm Person – meus es tu (miss-es-too) Chromatic Orb – Vivamus sphaera (Viv-aim-us fair-ah) Find Familiar – amicus quaerere (Ah-my-cus Qwa-ear) Identify – identitatem (I-dent-ta-da-dim) Mage Armor – praesidio vi (pra-city-o-vi) […]?

  • Ancient Red Dragon Player Hook – One Shot

    You have been traveling for many a ten day seeing town after town burned to the ground. Women and children in the streets. Hungry, homeless, and crying lacking much hope for the future. Rumors, rumors of rumors, and the fear of the people reached you a few towns back. From town to town the stories […]?