Campaign Summary

Campaign Style: Adventure League

The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official organized play campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting. However, the DM reserves the right to make changes within the rule sets provided.

Current Series: Tyranny of Dragons

The current storyline season is called Tyranny of Dragons. The storyline of this season provides the same theme and plot elements of the main Tyranny of Dragons campaign books, and in a “mini campaign” format.

Leveling System: Milestone

Instead of tracking specific experience awards, characters can level up at the completion of significant episodes of the adventure.

Initiative System: 5th Edition Initiative

Initiative determines the order of turns during combat. When combat starts, every participant makes a Dexterity check to determine their place in the initiative order. The DM makes one roll for an entire group of identical creatures, so each member of the group acts at the same time.

The DM ranks the combatants in order from the one with the highest Dexterity check total to the one with the lowest. This is the order (called the initiative order) in which they act during each round. The initiative order remains the same from round to round.

If a tie occurs, the DM decides the order among tied DM-controlled creatures, and the players decide the order among their tied characters. The DM can decide the order if the tie is between a monster and a player character. Optionally, the DM can have the tied characters and monsters each roll a d20 to determine the order, highest roll going first.

Encounters Mode: Hard to Deadly

Encounters are made to be challenging. The DM reserves the right to make changes within the rule sets provided. There is a chance your character could “die” in these encounters. However, the group should prepare for this to happen.

Dealing with Death: What you can do when you die

The DM offers the group a Spellcaster Service while in towns that includes the “Raise Dead” spell for 1200gp along with other helpful spells. The character’s body must have all of its vital organs and a willing recipient. Also, any spell or item that can resurrect a character is allowed.

Play Style: Equal Role Play and Combat

The DM will try to make the campaign equal parts Roleplaying and Combat. While there will be times when the focus is more on one then the other, the goal is for balance.

Alignment: Alignment is Dead

Morality is defined by the players not the books.

Attendance: Three and Out

Do not miss more than 3 times in a row or your seat will be filled. Exceptions can be made. Life happens.

Table Rules for GM and Players

1: Be Attentive.

When the DM is telling the story or progressing the encounter, do not interrupt nor talk. We come together to play D&D, when the game flow is interrupted with talking, the emersion is lost and people can get distracted missing important parts.

2: Don’t talk when other players are talking.

When it is someone’s turn in the initiative or roleplaying, do not interrupt nor talk. Everyone wants their time to play their character, don’t steal that from them.

3: Know your character.

Don’t rely on others to tell you what your abilities do. You do not need to know the full Player’s Handbook, but you should know the parts that pertain to your character at the level you are currently. Print your spells or get spell cards if you are having trouble remembering.

4: Let players play.

Let players play their character the way they want to play them. Allow them to make “mistakes” and learn. Yes, talk about your plan of attack, but allow players to make their own decisions.

5: Minimal to No Metagaming.

Please keep “out of character” or “out of game” actions to a minimum. Try not to make use of knowledge that you, as a player, may be aware of but the character you are playing is not meant to be aware of. Sometimes a break is needed to pull thoughts together, but make sure the timing is right, and ask the DM for the opportunity to do so.

6: Don’t Upstage. Share the Spotlight.

Don’t always be the first to talk. Look for opportunities to help others shine. Try to work with others to make really epic moments that everyone can take part. If everyone has this mindset, your moment to shine will come.


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