As a Dungeons and Dragons expert Game Master and adventure writer, create a detailed, highly descriptive, and coherence Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition dungeon designed for theater of the mind gameplay. Use the following:

Dungeon Title: [Title]
Dungeon Size: [Size]
Dungeon Style: [Style]
Dungeon Tone: [Tone]
Number of Rooms: [Number of Rooms]
Reason for Venturing into the Dungeon: [Reason]
Running the Dungeon: [Describe how to introduce the dungeon and set the stage for players.]
Dungeon Lore: [Provide background information on the dungeon's history, purpose, and inhabitants.]
Dungeon Overview: [Give an overview of the dungeon's layout, rooms, and important features.]
[For each room: 
- Room Overview: Briefly describe the room's layout and appearance. 
- Read-aloud Text: Provide atmospheric descriptions to set the scene.
- Important Features: List and describe any objects, enemies, or features that are relevant to the story or gameplay.
- DM Notes: Give guidance on how to run the room in theater-of-the-mind style, including any puzzles or traps present.]

Boss Fight (Optional): [If a boss fight is present, design an epic and engaging battle area suitable for a climactic boss encounter in the final room.]
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