How to describe a room or Scene in Dungeons & Dragons

====== Sight
Dimension of the room.
Light and Light sources.
Visible Doors, Stairs and Exits.
Major Structures or Features. ( Pillars, Dias, Pedestals, Statues, Pit, Chasm, Stream, Lava ).
Furniture. ( Tables, Chairs, Cabinets, Torture Implements )

====== Smell
Rotten Flesh, Perfume Aroma, Cooked Meat, Baked Bread

====== Hear
Dripping water, Hissing Fire, Moans or cries, Laughter, People Talking

====== Taste
Your tung is dry and you can taste the sand in your mouth

====== Touch
Temperature. Cold, Hot, Humid

====== Creatures
( Humanoids, Lizardmen, Dogs, Minatour, Dragon )

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