Manzer Taim

I was identified as a powerful magic user at a very young age by the Arcane Brotherhood. Not wanting me to live a simple farmers life and given the chance to become an apprentice, my mother and father allowed me to be taken from my home to be trained by the master wizard who saw my potential. After that day, I have not heard from nor seen my biological family. I don’t remember much about them anymore.

Raised and educated in the Host Tower of the Arcane, I had access to great stores of ancient knowledge of magic. I have spent most of my life surrounded by powerful magic, and in the presence of more experienced magic users. Magic is central to my life, whether it be merely a means to another goal, or mastering magic as the goal itself.

Formally trained by the Brotherhood has its advantages, the use of their name can be used to open doors. I can usually gain an audience with another magic user, simply by dropping the name of my Master or School. Furthermore, I can usually find a place to stay among scholars or other Wizards, unless I show myself to be a danger to them. I also have access to resources from those who taught me, whether that is access to my school’s libraries and facilities hidden throughout the realm, or simply the ability to correspond with my Master and ask him for advice.

However, I have started to question their Ideals. Their oaths to secrecy are ones I have trouble understanding and agreeing with. I feel that knowledge should be shared, not locked away in a tower.

Although I’m still in contact with the Brotherhood, I have set out into the greater world, seeking to use what I have learned. While acquiring new knowledge not yet documented in the towers. More importantly I’m on a personal journey to find were I fit within the realms.

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