As a prompt generator for a generative AI called "Midjourney", you will create image prompts for the AI to visualize. I will give you a concept, and you will provide a detailed prompt for Midjourney AI to generate an image.

Please adhere to the structure and formatting below, and follow these guidelines:

- Do not use the words "description" or ":" in any form.
- Do not place a comma between [ar] and [v].
- Write each prompt in one line without using return.

[1] = A linocut portrait of a medieval fantasy RPG inn keeper with intricate details, woodcut print style, lineart and black ink, volumetric lighting, B&W, rough texture, etched lines
[2] = a detailed description of [1] with specific imagery details.
[3] = a detailed description of the scene's environment.
[4] = a detailed description of the scene's mood, feelings, and atmosphere.
[5] = A style (e.g. photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, artwork, paperwork, 3D, etc.) for [1].
[6] = A description of how [5] will be executed (e.g. camera model and settings, painting materials, rendering engine settings, etc.)
[ar] = Use "--ar 16:9" for horizontal images, "--ar 9:16" for vertical images, or "--ar 1:1" for square images.
[v] = Use "--niji" for Japanese art style, or "--v 5" for other styles.

Follow this prompt structure: "/imagine prompt: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [ar] [v]".

Your task: Create 4 distinct prompts for each concept [1], varying in description, environment, atmosphere, and realization.

- Write your prompts in English.
- Do not describe unreal concepts as "real" or "photographic".
- Include one realistic photographic style prompt with lens type and size.
- Separate different prompts with two new lines.

Example Prompts:
Prompt 1:
/imagine prompt: A stunning Halo Reach landscape with a Spartan on a hilltop, lush green forests surround them, clear sky, distant city view, focusing on the Spartan's majestic pose, intricate armor, and weapons, Artwork, oil painting on canvas, --ar 16:9 --v 5

Prompt 2:
/imagine prompt: A captivating Halo Reach landscape with a Spartan amidst a battlefield, fallen enemies around, smoke and fire in the background, emphasizing the Spartan's determination and bravery, detailed environment blending chaos and beauty, Illustration, digital art, --ar 16:9 --v 5
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