Monday Group Summary


We are hired by a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker to drive a wagon of goods from Neverwinter to Barthen’s Trading Post in the town of Phandalin, where we’ll meet him and his bodyguard Sildar Haliwinter and offload the supplies so he can sell them in town for a reward.

Part 1: Goblin Arrows

On their way from Neverwinter to Phandalin, we find that Gundren’s caravan was ambushed. We too are ambushed by a group of Goblins. We follow a goblin trial to a goblin hideout called Cragmaw Hidout; while seeking Gundren and Sildar in the hideout we learn that the goblins sold Gundren off to someone else, but were still holding Sildar captive. Freed, Sildar suggested continuing on to Phandalin.

Part 2: Phandalin

We head to the town of Phandalin and deliver the wagon of goods to Barthen’s Trading Post, There Barthen tells us that a bunch of bullies called the Redbrands have taken the place over, and the town is in need of heroes to handle many tasks/quests. While speaking to many different people around town we discover the location of the Redbrand’s Hideout under Tresendar Manor. While delivering justice for the town’s people, we discover that Iarno, the Redbrand’s leader, is also called Glasstaff. As Glassstaff tries to escape we captured him and bound him in rope to deliver him to Sildar to be transported to Neverwinter to face the judgment of a higher authority. We found an ally in an unexpected place; the goblin Droop.

Quests we know about, but are incomplete:

Halia’s Job Offer (Halia Thornton, Miner’s Exchange)
She then offers the characters 100gp to eliminate the Redbrand leader, whom the outlaws call Glasstaff, and bring her any correspondence found in the leader’s quarters.

Finding Iarno (Sildar Hallwinter, Town Master’s Hall)
Sildar expresses a desire to have the wizard captured and transported to Neverwinter to face the judgment of a higher authority. Regardless of Iarno’s fate, Sildar rewards us 200gp for eliminating the Redbrand threat.

Old Owl Trouble (Daran Edermath, Edermath Orchard)
Visit the ruins of the Old Owl Well, a couple days march northeast of Phandalin, and find out who’s there and what we’re up to. Daran Edermath urges them to join the Order of the  Gauntlet.

Reidoth the Druid (Qelline Alderleaf, Alderleaf Farm)
Reidoth knows the locations of Cragmaw Castle and Wave Echo Cave. He recently set out for the ruins of a town called Thundertree, just west of the Neverwinter Wood.

The Banshee’s Bargain (Sister Garaele, Shrine of Luck)
Give the banshee named Agatha a jeweled silver comb, to persuade her to tell what she knows about the location of a spellbook belonging to a legendary mage named Bowgentle. She offers them three potions of healing as payment.

Ore Trouble (Harbin Wester, Town Master’s Hall)
Harbin offers 100gp to head east on the Triboar Trail, where travelers have reported trouble with a band of orcs near Wyvern Tor

Finding Cragmaw Castle (Sildar Hallwinter, Town Master’s Hall)
Sildar offers us a 500 gp reward if we can locate Cragmaw Castle and defeat or drive off the tribe’s chieftain.

Mirna’s Heirloom (Mirna Dendrar, Redbrand’s Hideout)
Find her Heirloom inside Her family had an herb and alchemy shop located in Thundertree which a case containing an emerald necklace was hidden beneath a section of storage shelves.

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