Title: The Resurrection of Shargrailar

Act 1: The Gathering Storm Scene 1 – The Harpers’ Call: The party is contacted by Elara Silverthorn, a Harper agent who informs them of the Cult of the Dragon’s plan to resurrect Shargrailar the Dark. She provides them with leads to investigate the Cult’s activities and introduces them to Daelan Stormrider, a rogue who will help them infiltrate the Cult.

Scene 2 – Infiltrating the Cult: With Daelan’s assistance, the party must infiltrate the Cult of the Dragon by posing as new initiates. They will need to navigate the treacherous politics of the Cult, gain the trust of their fellow members, and gather information about Vorastrasz’s plans.

Act 2: Uncovering the Truth Scene 1 – The Ancient Temple: The party discovers the location of the Draconic Phylactery, hidden in an ancient temple filled with deadly traps and powerful constructs. They must navigate these dangers and solve puzzles to obtain the artifact.

Scene 2 – A Cult Divided: The adventurers uncover evidence of dissent within the Cult of the Dragon, as some members oppose Vorastrasz’s plans to resurrect Shargrailar. The party must decide whether to trust these potential allies or maintain their cover and continue working alone.

Act 3: Into the Dragon’s Lair Scene 1 – The Secret Vault: The party learns the location of the secret vault containing Shargrailar’s remains, but they must first confront a powerful draconic guardian, such as a young red dragon, protecting the vault. They will need to either defeat the guardian or convince it that they are not working for the Cult.

Scene 2 – Betrayal and Revelation: As the party delves deeper into the secret vault, they are betrayed by one of their unexpected allies from the Cult, who reveals themselves to be a double agent working for Vorastrasz. The party must deal with this betrayal and navigate the traps and dangers within the vault.

Act 4: The Final Confrontation Scene 1 – The Ritual Chamber: The adventurers arrive at the heart of the secret vault, where Vorastrasz and his followers are attempting to complete the ritual to resurrect Shargrailar. The party must disrupt the ritual and face Vorastrasz’s powerful necromantic magic and loyal cultists in a challenging battle.

Scene 2 – The Aftermath: With Vorastrasz defeated and the threat of Shargrailar’s resurrection thwarted, the party can return the Draconic Phylactery to the Harpers and receive their rewards. However, the fallout from their actions may have lasting consequences in the Forgotten Realms, leading to future adventures and challenges.

Throughout the adventure, the players should have opportunities to interact with various factions and characters within the Forgotten Realms, such as the Harpers, the Emerald Enclave, and the Zhentarim. These interactions can lead to side quests and additional plot hooks that can be explored alongside the main storyline, enriching the overall campaign and providing a more immersive experience for the players.

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