Adventure Overview: The Cult of the Dragon has been working tirelessly to summon a new dracolich to serve their nefarious purposes. The party is tasked with infiltrating the cult’s stronghold, discovering their plans, and stopping the ritual before it’s too late. The adventure takes the party through a series of encounters, from stealthy infiltration to combat against cultists, dragons, and other monsters.

Act 1: Infiltration The party begins the adventure by receiving a request from the local authorities to investigate the activities of the Cult of the Dragon. The party learns that the cult is planning to summon a powerful dracolich, and they are instructed to infiltrate the cult’s stronghold and gather information. The party can use various means to sneak into the cult’s hideout, such as disguising themselves as cultists or sneaking in through a secret passage.

Act 2: Discovering the Cult’s Plans Once the party has infiltrated the cult’s stronghold, they must gather information about the cult’s plans. They can explore the stronghold, searching for clues and interrogating cultists. The party learns that the cult has acquired the bones of a powerful dragon and is preparing a ritual to raise it as a dracolich. They must find a way to disrupt the ritual, either by sabotaging the cult’s preparations or by stealing the dragon’s bones.

Act 3: Confronting the Cultists Once the party has gathered enough information, they must confront the cultists and stop the ritual. The cultists will be alerted to the party’s presence, and the party will have to fight their way through the stronghold. They will face various enemies, such as cultists, undead creatures, and dragons. The party must find the ritual chamber and disrupt the ritual before it’s too late.

Act 4: The Final Showdown If the party successfully disrupts the ritual, they will have to face the wrath of the cult’s leaders. The Wyrmspeakers, high-ranking members of the cult, will appear to stop the party. They are powerful spellcasters and fierce combatants, and the party must defeat them to put an end to the cult’s plans. Once the Wyrmspeakers are defeated, the party can destroy the dragon’s bones and prevent the rise of a new dracolich.

Conclusion: The party has successfully stopped the cult from summoning a new dracolich, and the authorities reward them for their efforts. The party has prevented a great evil from rising and has earned the respect of the locals. However, the Cult of the Dragon is still active, and they will seek revenge on the party for their interference. The adventure concludes with the party knowing that they have made a significant impact in the battle against the cult, but their work is not yet done.

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