Title: The Shadow of Shargrailar

The Shadow of Shargrailar is a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of levels 5-10, centered around the Cult of the Dragon and their leader, Severin Silrajin, who attempts to resurrect an ancient and powerful dracolich known as Shargrailar the Dark. The adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realms, with the action primarily occurring in and around the city of Waterdeep, but can easily be adapted to fit any campaign setting. The adventure contains six chapters, each exploring a different aspect of the story, with opportunities for roleplay, combat, and exploration.

Adventure Background:
Centuries ago, Shargrailar the Dark, a fearsome black dragon, terrorized the lands around the Sword Coast. Eventually, a group of powerful adventurers managed to defeat Shargrailar, but not before it completed the ritual to become a dracolich. Shargrailar’s phylactery was hidden away in a secret location, guarded by powerful wards and traps.

Severin Silrajin, leader of the Cult of the Dragon, seeks to raise Shargrailar from the dead and use the dracolich’s power to further the cult’s goals of dragon supremacy. To do this, Severin must locate Shargrailar’s phylactery and perform a dark ritual to restore the dracolich to its former might.

Chapter 1: Whispers of the Dark
The adventure begins in Waterdeep, where rumors about the Cult of the Dragon’s activities are spreading. The players hear whispers of a plot involving a long-dead dragon and a powerful artifact. Hooks to draw the players into the story can include personal connections to the cult, a request for assistance from a local faction, or simply the allure of gold and magical items.

Chapter 2: The Cult’s Trail
The players must follow the trail of the Cult of the Dragon, uncovering clues and thwarting the cult’s efforts to locate Shargrailar’s phylactery. They will encounter various factions and characters, including a double agent working within the cult and a reclusive sage who possesses crucial information about the dracolich’s past.

Chapter 3: The Phylactery’s Secret
The players discover the hidden location of Shargrailar’s phylactery, a labyrinthine dungeon filled with deadly traps, monsters, and ancient magic. They must navigate the dungeon, solve puzzles, and ultimately retrieve the phylactery before the cult can claim it.

Chapter 4: The Race to Waterdeep
With the phylactery in their possession, the players must race back to Waterdeep to stop the Cult of the Dragon from completing the ritual to resurrect Shargrailar. Along the way, they will face numerous obstacles and enemies, including a rival adventuring party hired by the cult to steal the phylactery.

Chapter 5: The Ritual Unleashed
Upon returning to Waterdeep, the players find the city under siege by the Cult of the Dragon, who have infiltrated key positions of power and unleashed chaos. The players must navigate the city, protect its citizens, and prevent the cult from completing the ritual to resurrect Shargrailar.

Chapter 6: The Final Confrontation
In the climactic final chapter, the players confront Severin Silrajin and his most powerful followers in a battle for the fate of Waterdeep and the Sword Coast. The players must use their wits, strength, and the alliances they have forged throughout the adventure to stop the ritual, defeat the cult, and destroy Shargrailar’s phylactery once and for all.

Non-Player Characters:

  1. Caelum Blackthorn: A charismatic double agent working within the Cult of the Dragon, who provides the players with crucial information and assistance in their quest. He has his own reasons for wanting to see the cult’s plans fail and may become a valuable ally or a liability, depending on the players’ actions.
  2. Liria Moonshadow: A reclusive sage and expert on draconic lore, who possesses critical information about Shargrailar’s past and the nature of the phylactery. She is hesitant to share her knowledge but may be swayed by the players’ determination and resourcefulness.
  3. Lord Tagrin Silvermantle: A high-ranking Waterdeep noble with secret ties to the Cult of the Dragon. He uses his influence to sabotage the city’s defenses and aid the cult’s efforts. The players must uncover his treachery and find a way to neutralize his power.
  4. Elara Swiftwind: Leader of the rival adventuring party hired by the Cult of the Dragon to steal the phylactery from the players. She is cunning and ruthless, but her loyalty to the cult may be tested when confronted with the truth about their plans.

Player Hooks:

  1. Personal Vendetta: One of the player characters has a personal grudge against the Cult of the Dragon, perhaps due to the loss of a loved one or the destruction of their hometown. This connection drives them to seek vengeance and stop the cult’s plans.
  2. Quest for Knowledge: The player characters may be drawn into the adventure by their curiosity about dragons, ancient magic, or the history of the Sword Coast. The promise of uncovering secrets and acquiring powerful artifacts may be enough to lure them into the conflict.
  3. Faction Ties: The characters may be members of or affiliated with a faction in Waterdeep, such as the Harpers, the Order of the Gauntlet, or the Emerald Enclave. These factions may request the characters’ assistance in stopping the Cult of the Dragon and preventing the resurrection of Shargrailar.
  4. Heroes for Hire: The characters may simply be adventurers seeking fortune and glory, drawn into the adventure by the promise of gold, magical items, and renown. As they become more entwined in the story, their motivations may evolve to include a genuine desire to save Waterdeep and the Sword Coast from the threat posed by the Cult of the Dragon and the potential return of Shargrailar the Dark.
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