Title: The Shadow of Shargrailar

Overview: In this adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, suitable for characters of level 5-10, the players will face the Cult of the Dragon, led by Severin Silrajin, who plans to unleash a new wave of dracoliches under the command of the fearsome dracolich Shargrailar the Dark. The heroes must race against time to uncover the cult’s plans, thwart their machinations, and save the Forgotten Realms from the terrifying reign of the dracoliches.

Adventure Hooks:

  1. The players encounter a member of the Harpers, a secretive organization devoted to maintaining balance in the Realms. The Harper informs the players about a sudden increase in dragon attacks and the resurrection of dead dragons as dracoliches, suspecting the Cult of the Dragon’s involvement.
  2. A village is attacked by a dracolich, leaving devastation in its wake. The players are asked to investigate the attack and track down the source of this new threat.

Part 1: Unveiling the Shadows The players must gather information on the Cult of the Dragon and their recent activities. They can do so by:

  • Infiltrating a meeting of the cult in a hidden underground lair.
  • Investigating the ruins of a dragon’s lair, where cultists have been seen retrieving dragon remains.
  • Capturing and interrogating a cultist who holds valuable information about the cult’s plans.

Part 2: The Ritual of the Dracolich The players learn that Severin Silrajin and Shargrailar the Dark are preparing to perform a powerful ritual to convert a group of captured dragons into dracoliches. The heroes must infiltrate the cult’s stronghold, where the ritual is set to take place, and interrupt it. This can involve:

  • Disrupting the magical energy powering the ritual.
  • Freeing the captured dragons before they can be transformed.
  • Confronting Severin Silrajin and his cultist minions in a climactic battle.

Part 3: The Lair of Shargrailar With the ritual thwarted, the players must track down Shargrailar the Dark in her lair and put an end to her machinations. To do so, they must overcome the deadly traps and guardians within her lair and face the dracolich herself in a final confrontation. Key encounters include:

  • Navigating a labyrinth filled with magical traps, illusions, and guardians.
  • Battling Shargrailar’s powerful undead minions and cultist allies.
  • A climactic showdown with Shargrailar the Dark, where the players must destroy the dracolich’s phylactery and vanquish her for good.

Conclusion: With Shargrailar defeated and Severin’s plans in ruins, the players have saved the Forgotten Realms from the terrifying reign of the dracoliches. The heroes are celebrated as saviors, and their deeds become the stuff of legend. However, the Cult of the Dragon remains a lurking menace, waiting for a new opportunity to rise once more.

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