Title: The Shadow of Shargrailar

Introduction: In the wake of the Cult of the Dragon’s failed attempt to bring Tiamat to the Material Plane, Severin Silrajin has turned to a new dark goal: resurrecting the ancient dracolich Shargrailar. As the heroes uncover the cult’s machinations, they must race against time to locate the Draconic Phylactery and stop Severin’s plans before Shargrailar’s return plunges the world into darkness.

Adventure Background: Long ago, Shargrailar was a mighty green dragon with a lust for power and destruction. It sought to achieve immortality by becoming a dracolich, but was defeated by a group of legendary heroes who sealed its spirit within a hidden phylactery. Severin Silrajin, seeking to regain his standing within the Cult of the Dragon, has discovered the existence of the phylactery and plans to use it to resurrect Shargrailar as a symbol of the cult’s might.

Chapter 1: Whispers of the Cult The adventure begins in a small village plagued by mysterious incidents. The heroes must investigate these occurrences and discover their connection to the Cult of the Dragon. Encounters include skirmishes with cultists and their minions, interrogating captured cult members, and uncovering a hidden shrine devoted to Shargrailar.

Player Hook: The village could be the hometown of one of the heroes, and they return to help with the strange incidents.

Chapter 2: The Cult’s Trail With the cult’s involvement confirmed, the heroes must track down the cultists and discover their plans. They travel to a larger city, where they must navigate urban intrigue, gather intelligence from contacts, and disrupt the cult’s operations.

Player Hook: A prominent NPC ally provides the heroes with information about the cult’s activities and urges them to intervene.

Chapter 3: The Forgotten Tomb The heroes uncover the location of Shargrailar’s tomb, an ancient dungeon filled with traps, guardians, and the remnants of its draconic power. They must delve deep into the tomb, overcoming its challenges and learning about Shargrailar’s past.

Player Hook: A scholarly NPC seeks the heroes’ aid in exploring the tomb, offering valuable resources and knowledge in exchange for their help.

Chapter 4: The Phylactery’s Secret After braving the tomb, the heroes learn that the phylactery is hidden in a remote and dangerous location called the Cursed Crags. They must venture into the treacherous terrain, contend with hostile creatures, and locate the phylactery’s resting place.

Player Hook: The heroes find a fragment of a map that points to the location of the phylactery, enticing them to explore the Cursed Crags.

Chapter 5: The Cult’s Last Stand As the heroes close in on the phylactery, they must confront Severin Silrajin and his cultist followers. In a climactic battle, they must thwart Severin’s attempts to resurrect Shargrailar and put an end to the Cult of the Dragon’s ambitions once and for all.

Player Hook: The heroes receive a dire warning from a trusted ally that Severin is close to achieving his goal, urging them to take action immediately.

Chapter 6: Epilogue With the phylactery destroyed and the cult defeated, the heroes return to a world saved from the threat of Shargrailar. They must decide what to do with the knowledge they’ve gained and the powerful enemies they’ve made.

Notable NPCs:

  • Severin Silrajin: The ambitious leader of the Cult of the Dragon, determined to restore his reputation by resurrecting Shargrailar.
  • Elara Moonshadow: A resourceful spy working against the Cult of the Dragon, providing the heroes with valuable information and assistance.
    • Gorrim Ironfist: A dwarven scholar obsessed with Shargrailar’s history, offering knowledge and resources to the heroes in exchange for their help in exploring the tomb.
    • Zaelara Stormsong: A silver dragon in humanoid form, secretly observing the heroes and offering guidance in their quest to stop the cult.

    Encounters and Locations:

    1. Village of Hallowford: A small, peaceful village that becomes the starting point of the heroes’ journey. Key locations include the local tavern, the mayor’s office, and the hidden cult shrine.
    2. City of Highspire: A bustling urban environment where the heroes must navigate political intrigue and the cult’s influence. Key locations include the city’s market district, an underground gambling den, and the cult’s secret headquarters.
    3. The Forgotten Tomb: An ancient, trap-filled dungeon that holds the secrets of Shargrailar’s past. Key locations include a chamber of trials, a magical library, and the final resting place of Shargrailar’s mortal remains.
    4. The Cursed Crags: A treacherous, monster-infested mountain range that houses the phylactery. Key locations include a haunted forest, a labyrinthine cave system, and a hidden chamber containing the phylactery.
    5. The Cult’s Fortress: A heavily fortified stronghold where Severin and his followers make their last stand. Key locations include a bridge guarded by a dragon, a chamber filled with cultists and their summoned creatures, and Severin’s throne room.

    This adventure combines the excitement of dungeon delving, urban intrigue, and wilderness exploration with a high-stakes plot against the Cult of the Dragon. The heroes will face difficult choices, build alliances, and ultimately determine the fate of the world as they stand against the Shadow of Shargrailar.

    Chapter 1: Whispers of the Cult

    Introduction: As the heroes arrive in the village of Hallowford, they find the once-peaceful community beset by mysterious incidents and rumors of dark, hooded figures lurking in the shadows. Tasked with uncovering the truth behind these occurrences, the heroes will soon discover that the tendrils of the Cult of the Dragon have reached even this remote corner of the world.


    1. A group of cultists is attempting to kidnap a local villager. The heroes must intervene and save the villager, who can provide them with valuable information about the cult’s activities.
    2. Investigating the local tavern, the heroes overhear a conversation between two cultists discussing their plans. They must decide whether to confront the cultists, follow them, or gather more information.
    3. The heroes discover that some of the mysterious incidents in the village have been caused by kobolds under the cult’s control. They must track down and defeat the kobold raiding party, which may lead them to a hidden entrance to the cult’s shrine.


    1. Hallowford Tavern: The social hub of the village, where the heroes can gather information, meet important NPCs, and overhear conversations that may help them uncover the cult’s plans.
    2. Mayor’s Office: The village’s center of authority, where the heroes can seek assistance from Mayor Elswith, who is desperate to restore order and safety to her community.
    3. The Hidden Shrine: A small, hidden chamber in a nearby cave where the cultists have been conducting rituals and making offerings to Shargrailar. The shrine contains clues that will lead the heroes to the cult’s broader activities.

    Non-Player Characters:

    1. Mayor Elswith: The concerned and determined leader of Hallowford, who enlists the heroes’ help in investigating the mysterious incidents plaguing her village.
    2. Bronn Fairweather: The friendly and gregarious tavernkeeper of Hallowford Tavern, who can provide the heroes with rumors and gossip about the strange happenings in the village.
    3. Nissa Brightwood: A local villager who has been targeted by the cult for her latent magical abilities. If the heroes save her from the cultists, she can provide them with valuable information and assistance.

    As the heroes navigate the dangers and mysteries of Hallowford, they will find themselves drawn into a larger conflict against the Cult of the Dragon. Their investigation will serve as the first step on a journey that will take them to the heart of the cult’s dark schemes and test their courage, cunning, and determination.

    Chapter 2: The Cult’s Trail

    Introduction: Having foiled the Cult of the Dragon’s activities in Hallowford, the heroes must now follow the trail of the cultists to the bustling city of Highspire. There, they will navigate a web of intrigue, deception, and danger as they work to disrupt the cult’s operations and uncover the true extent of their sinister plans.


    1. Upon arriving in Highspire, the heroes witness an altercation between city guards and a group of cultists. They must decide whether to intervene or use the chaos to gather information about the cult’s presence in the city.
    2. A contact in Highspire informs the heroes about a secret meeting between the cult and a corrupt city official. The heroes must infiltrate the meeting, either through stealth or deception, and learn the details of the cult’s activities.
    3. The heroes discover that the cult has been smuggling dangerous magical artifacts into the city. They must intercept a shipment at the city’s docks and defeat the cultists guarding it.


    1. Market District: The bustling commercial heart of Highspire, where the heroes can gather supplies, rumors, and contacts that may aid them in their investigation.
    2. The Velvet Serpent: An underground gambling den frequented by criminals and ne’er-do-wells, which serves as a front for the cult’s activities in the city.
    3. Cult Headquarters: Hidden within a seemingly innocuous warehouse, the cult’s secret base in Highspire houses their leaders, followers, and sinister resources.

    Non-Player Characters:

    1. Captain Thalia Blackwood: A stern but fair captain of the city guard who is suspicious of the cult’s activities and may become an ally to the heroes if they can prove their trustworthiness.
    2. Dorn Silvertongue: A charming rogue with connections to Highspire’s criminal underworld, who can provide the heroes with valuable intelligence about the cult’s operations and contacts within the city.
    3. Councillor Verin Stonebridge: A corrupt city official secretly working with the Cult of the Dragon. The heroes must navigate their relationship with him carefully to avoid tipping him off to their investigation.

    In Chapter 2, the heroes must adapt to the complexities of urban intrigue as they continue their pursuit of the Cult of the Dragon. By building alliances, gathering intelligence, and thwarting the cult’s schemes, they will come closer to unraveling the true nature of the cult’s plans and the dark secret at the heart of their quest.


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