Introduction: Welcome to “The Veiled Falls Enigma,” an adventure module for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition designed for a party of four to six characters of levels 4 to 6. This module offers a mix of combat, roleplay, exploration, and problem-solving opportunities, catering to different player preferences. The party will be tasked with uncovering the mystery of the Veiled Falls, a once-bountiful source of water that has inexplicably run dry, threatening the livelihood of the nearby village of Fallhaven.

Running the Adventure: This adventure is expected to run for 3-5 sessions, depending on the party’s pace. The difficulty can be adjusted by scaling encounters and providing additional hints for problem-solving. The module is divided into four parts, each with its own objectives and challenges.

Adventure Background: The Veiled Falls have long been a crucial source of water and spiritual energy for the village of Fallhaven. However, recent events have caused the falls to mysteriously dry up. Rumors of an ancient, hidden temple behind the falls and the involvement of nefarious forces have spread, prompting the village council to seek the aid of adventurers.

Adventure Overview:

  1. The party arrives at Fallhaven, investigates the situation, and accepts the quest.
  2. The party explores the area around the falls, encountering various challenges and discovering the entrance to the hidden temple.
  3. Inside the temple, the party faces numerous traps, puzzles, and guardians.
  4. The party confronts the main antagonist and resolves the issue, restoring the Veiled Falls.

Adventure Hook: The party hears rumors of a village in dire need of assistance and the promise of a hidden temple behind the falls, filled with ancient secrets and powerful relics.

Part 1: Arrival at Fallhaven The party arrives at the village of Fallhaven, a quaint settlement dependent on the now-dry Veiled Falls. They speak with the village council, who explains the dire situation and pleads for their help. The council provides any necessary information and resources to aid the party in their investigation.

Part 2: Unveiling the Temple The party explores the area around the Veiled Falls, engaging in combat encounters with wildlife and hostile creatures drawn to the weakened spiritual energy. After overcoming these obstacles, the party discovers the entrance to the hidden temple behind the falls.

Part 3: The Temple’s Depths Inside the temple, the party faces numerous traps, puzzles, and guardians designed to test their problem-solving and combat skills. They also learn about the temple’s history and purpose, revealing that it was built to channel the spiritual energy of the Veiled Falls.

Part 4: The Final Confrontation The party confronts the main antagonist, a powerful sorcerer who has been siphoning the spiritual energy from the Veiled Falls to empower themselves. The party must defeat the sorcerer and restore the energy flow to the falls.

Conclusion: With the sorcerer defeated and the energy flow restored, the Veiled Falls once again provide life-giving water to the village of Fallhaven. The grateful village council rewards the party with gold and other treasures, along with their enduring gratitude.

Magic Items:

  1. Amulet of the Veiled Falls: Provides resistance to water-based damage and grants a bonus to saving throws against charm effects.
  2. Staff of Flowing Waters: A magical staff that can control water and cast various water-based spells.


  1. Elara Silverstream: The village council leader, a wise and caring woman who is deeply concerned about the fate of her village.
  2. Gavric Stonefoot: A gruff, retired adventurer who runs the local tavern and provides valuable insights about the area.
  3. Iralia Blackthorn: The main
  4. antagonist, a power-hungry sorcerer who has been draining the Veiled Falls’ spiritual energy for her own gain. She seeks to harness this power to control the region and eventually, dominate the world.
  5. Tarnis Whisperwind: A reclusive historian and scholar living in Fallhaven, knowledgeable about the ancient temple and its history. He can provide the party with valuable information about the temple’s layout and its guardians.
  6. Mira Swiftfoot: A young, enthusiastic scout native to Fallhaven who can act as a guide for the party as they explore the area around the Veiled Falls.
  7. Kragrok: A stone golem guardian within the temple, which can either be an ally or an enemy depending on the party’s actions and choices within the temple.
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