Deep beneath the Forest of Mir in the Forgotten Realms lies Dolblunde, an ancient, hidden city filled with intrigue and danger. First introduced in Lisa Smedman’s novel “Sacrifice of the Widow” as part of the Lady Penitent trilogy, Dolblunde is home to drow, demonic influences, and a fearsome dracolich named Dauergothoth. This article will guide you through creating an exciting and challenging Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure set in the mysterious city of Dolblunde.

Delving into Dolblunde: Exploration and Discovery

The ancient city of Dolblunde is ripe for exploration, holding countless secrets, artifacts, and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Design a series of interconnected locations and dungeons within the city, filled with traps, puzzles, and hidden chambers. Encourage your players to delve into the city’s history, piecing together clues that will not only help them navigate the treacherous depths but also reveal the truth behind Dolblunde’s dark past.

Navigating the Web of Dark Alliances

Dolblunde is inhabited by drow, notorious for their complex web of politics and alliances. Introduce the players to a variety of drow factions, each with their own goals and motivations. Encourage role-playing opportunities as the adventurers find themselves entangled in the power struggles of the drow, leading to unexpected encounters, betrayals, or even potential allies. Create memorable NPCs that can challenge, deceive, or assist the players in their quest.

Facing the Dracolich: The Threat of Dauergothoth

Dauergothoth, the fearsome dracolich, has made Dolblunde its lair and serves as the primary antagonist of the adventure. Present the players with a formidable challenge by designing encounters and obstacles that force them to strategize and work together to overcome the dracolich’s defenses. Encourage the players to gather information about Dauergothoth’s weaknesses, discover powerful artifacts to aid in their battle, and devise a plan to defeat or neutralize the terrifying creature.

The Shadow of Lolth: Demonic Influences and Encounters

Dolblunde’s connection to the demon lord Lolth adds an extra layer of danger and unpredictability to the adventure. Incorporate demonic forces and followers of Lolth into your encounters, forcing the players to confront the city’s insidious corruption. Design encounters that challenge the players’ resourcefulness, such as demonic rituals that must be stopped, or planar rifts that need to be sealed to prevent an invasion of even greater demonic forces.


Creating an adventure in Dolblunde offers endless possibilities for exploration, intrigue, and thrilling combat. By focusing on memorable encounters, engaging NPCs, and a rich, immersive environment, you can provide your players with an unforgettable Dungeons & Dragons experience. Remember to tailor the difficulty and complexity of the adventure to suit the level and preferences of your player characters, and above all, enjoy the journey through the dark and mysterious depths of Dolblunde.

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